Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hello guys! Amazing event which is called “Sushka” (Drying) has been passed on John Lennon Street and I have been there second time. Firstly I would like to describe the place… to search this hippy street you should reach Pushkinskaya Street,10  and turn to the yard as the whole things are inside and are hidden from outsiders. John Lennon Street, various studios and galleries are united in one art center,which is orientated towards modern noncommercial art.
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Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello there! My name is Daria and I was born in marvelous city of Russia which is called Saint-Petersburg. I finished school recently and entered the university in Holland.
I fall for fashion as a lot of girls do. I am not conservative at all, so I always search something new, love to experiment and try to add spark in my outfits, however it does not prevent me being admirer of classic style with its irreplaceable black dress and basic clothes.
Probably in some degree I could be called as creative person. I am really hooked on making photographs, actually it`s my hobby and I have been wedded to it for a long time. On days when inspiration comes to me I am not against to paint in abstract style or closely styles exclusively.Sometimes I make collages and design room with it. I do handmade and “model” accessories seldom enough. I want to study Scrapbooking technique however it`s only in plans.
Speaking about my sport activities I used to attend acrobatic rock-n-roll (it`s variety of dance), then hip-hop and go-go dance. Since my childhood I have been cycling and I may say that it is my hobby #2.
I have created blog basically to share events which happen in my life with you guys, to write beneficial information on different vital aspects and moreover to meet creative and many-sided people.
Hope you will like my blog and we will pal up :)
(Продолжение + русский вариант)