Sunday, August 31, 2014


Saint-Petersburg is a cultural city with many different events per day. Among all affairs that were held I stopped my eyes on the event called "restaurant day". Such actions usually take place in a secret spaces, where creative and substandard people are regular guests. It inspires me! When I am looking at stylish hipsters or relaxed hippies who are talking about art, fashion, books and soul development or just simply hanging out I become more and more enthusiastic to write articles :)
Let's go….

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hey guys! Recently I signed up for cooking vegetarian food masterclass. It was held in the the fabulous cafe which is called BIBLIOTEKA. My aim was to learn how to cook unusual dishes, meet new people, get more information and gain certain experience.
Guys, I spent great time there, masterclass was amazing.The atmosphere of the whole lesson was very positive, every little "chef" of our cooking amateurs was full of enthusiasm. We were talking about funny moments that happened to us in the past, healthy diets and plates that we want to make in the near future. Moreover right now I know the difference between concepts "vegetarianism" and "veganism" . Vegetarianism's followers do not eat all types of meat. Veganism is a lifestyle where people do not  use  animal products as well as milk, fish, eggs and seafood

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hey folk! Finally I am going to tell u about one of my favorite Austrian holidays, it is called Kirchtag or name-day of saints. Everyone celebrates it no matter where they are, first of all people attend service and it is preferable to dress national costume to create atmosphere of splendid holiday. Latter on it is time for real party, people are going out for several days! The essential part of Kirchtag celebration is to arrange tents with traditional delicious, toys for children,marmalade candies. You should try freshly cooked schnitzel or homemade strudel. I was so lucky to have fun on this awesome event in 2 towns such as Trebesing and Villach. First one is more rural than urban place, people there do not hurry up, they try to relax and forget all vital problems. Speaking about Villach I can say that I am in love with this small town with its narrow streets and delightful sights. It is seventh-largest city in Austria and and the second-largest in the federal state of Carinthia. There is a lot of tourists, Italians and Bosnians prefer spending time there mostly.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hey guys! Today we will return back to previous post and to be more certain I am going to tell you what to do if you are in the south part of Austria. 
My sister and I decided to visit two small towns such as Seeboden and Millstatt am See. I suppose that people come here to feel peace and harmony. It is amazing place to relax both for young couples and parents with children.

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