Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hello folks :) Everyone usually calls The State Hermitage Museum as a heart of Saint-Petersburg. I am totally agree with current thought. However, Hermitage is not just pride of Saint-Petersburg it is pearl of the whole Russia. There are stunning canvases of European artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, El Greco, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, Malevich etc… Furthermore, museum is rich in its jewelry and archaeological collections. It is quite funny but its impossible to explore the State Hermitage Museum in one day. If you do not have time limit I advise you guys to divide your visit for a few days.Today I am gonna share with you photoset from my last cultural museum attendance and show you photos that I managed to take on my way to the Hermitage.

Address:  Palace square, 2
(Продолжение + вариант на русском)

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hey-hey ! Perhaps you have already noticed that I am that kind of person who loves to plan walking. Before going out of my apartment I carefully check various websites that advertise city's events such as new art exhibitions or simply opening of new cafes. However this time the best epithet we can assign to the word "walk" is "random". I just decided to wander through the streets without specific purpose.
Saint-Petersburg is an extraordinary city and I am very pleased to realize that I was born here (I am sure that everyone has such warm feelings toward hometown ). As I always  say even if you do not have specialized plan concerning your walking outside you will still find something that attracts your attention. On the streets of Saint-Petersburg there is always special creative atmosphere that is why the great artists from different countries  came, come and will come here. It is merely impossible not to feel elation and not to find flash of inspiration.

(Продолжение + вариант на русском)

Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello there! 
Music is an essential part of my life that is why I have column called "Chill playlist" in my blog which however I have not refreshed for so long. I decided that the first post of the last winter month should infuse my lovely readers and me with positive energy and moreover inspire to great deeds. So I am sharing with you guys songs which are my fav right now.Hope you will like it!
P.S click to check --> summer playlist

Всем привет :) 
Музыка - неотъемлемая часть моей жизни, поэтому в моем блоге есть рубрика "Chill playlist", которую я, однако, давно не обновляла. Я решила, что первая запись последнего зимнего месяца должна зарядить моих любимых читателей и меня хорошим настроением, ну и, конечно, вдохновить на великие дела:) 
Делюсь с вами песнями, которые в последнее время стоят на "повторе" в моем плейлисте. Надеюсь, они вам понравятся!