Sunday, May 1, 2016


Hello guys! Recently I have visited the Saint-Petersburg Botanical Garden. It is amazing place filled with pleasant fragrance of flowers and plants. I have not felt such tranquility for so long :)

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

#The Ruskeala Mining Park

Hi everyone :) I'm back!
Today I am gonna tell you about the Ruskeala Mining Park which is located in the Sortavala district of Karelia Republic(the federal subject of Russia). The Mining park is interesting for its marble mines. In the past Ruskeala marble was taken for the construction of St. Isaac's and Kazan cathedrals, Marble Palace and many many others in Saint-Petersburg.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello, guys!
My italian holidays have been already finished... in be honest. But I am still writing posts about it lol My last destination was Venice ^_^
So, here is my route:
1. Train from  Bologna Centrale railway station to Venezia Santa Lucia
2. Bus from Venezia Tronchetto to Villach Hbf  

I have been to Venice three times but I actually do not mind to go there again.
Venice is the perfect place for love and romance. It is a city of 
!!!C A S A N O V A!!!
Families, sweet couples come to Venice.However, those who are traveling alone or in the company of single friends should not worry. Italian men are very active ;))
I suppose that three days will be quite enough to visit places of interest, to take a gondola ride through the canals, buy Murano glass etc ...
I have spent one night and a half of the next day in this wonderful ancient city. I have never spent the night there before. 
Actually, I was planning to hang out. However, I was not 100% satisfied. Bars, restaurants and places of entertainment are closed at 1 p.m! Can you imagine? I still can not believe in it. Hopefully I met some cool guys from the USA. All together we were trying to find something fun. Sooo what do you think? We found it! (ps found nice cafe-bar) . All things come to those who wait!!!

Today I don't wanna  #TMI, so I am going to show you endless slideshow of pictures that I took =)

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hello everyone!
Continue sharing with you my sweet memories of wonderful summer vocations in Bologna. If you guys have not read my previous post (click) I suggest you go back and check it first and then return to this one. Cause it is better to read structured story, right?

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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Buongiorno! Today I am gonna talk about magnificent italian city called Bologna. So guys if you have already read my previous post you probably know that I stopped with relatives in Austria for a while. My relatives live in the south part of Austria (town - Spittal an der Drau) which means that sunny Italy is very close. I decided to use this great opportunity and to get under way.

My route:
1. Train  from Spittal an der Drau  to Villach
2. Bus from Villach to Venezia Mestre railway station
3. Train from Venezia Mestre to Bologna Centrale railway station
(To plan my route I used this cool website - Rome2rio)

Despite transfers I may say that way was not exhausting at all. Everything new attracts me :)
When I arrived to Bologna I realised that one day is not enough to explore the city. There are a lot of cool places. Be ready to listen brief stories about places you must visit:) 
Let's go……………………………….. :)))

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Friday, August 28, 2015

#Nockalmstraße or Austrian Panoramic Road

Hello world :) Finally I am back. I had a small creative crisis. However right now I returned from awesome vacations and ready to take up the pen. So guys I have spent nice time with my relatives in Austria and have taken trip to Italy! Be ready to check posts with lovely photos and brief stories:)
Today I am gonna tell you about marvelous place in Austria called Nockalmstraße (alpine panoramic road) and National park Nockberge. 
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Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey-hey :) During walks through Saint-Petersburg you can find real treasures of street art. Today I am gonna share with you guys photos of amazing masterpieces that can be seen on the walls of the city. Hope you will like it <3 

Привет всем :) Гуляя по Санкт-Петербургу можно найти настоящие сокровища уличного искусства. Сегодня я поделюсь с вами фотографиями шедевров, которые можно встретить на улицах моего города. Надеюсь, вы так же, как и я, оцените их по достоинству :)