Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello there <3
Exams are coming so it basically means that all students are busy with their studies. To my mind, rest is an important element of exam preparation (lol). I know that a lot of people do not consider break as something serious cause they are just afraid to lose precious time. Guys it is really wrong as everyone needs to relax. I suppose that walking is the prefect way to do that cause it helps to compose thoughts and to focus on studding upon returning home. It is absolute pleasure to walk outside in the evening as almost everything is learnt by that time. You guys should decide where you wanna go. You may like to seat on a bench in the park or wander through the streets. Try not to think about studying for a while, enjoy surrounding beauty! xoxo

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hey guys :) The first market that I attended this year was MATRЁSHKA MARKET. Sounds patriotic, ha :)
I may say such events should be held more often cause it is really great opportunity to meet new people, to become inspired and just to cheer up!
The market took place in the creative space called Pro 42 (address: Naberezhnaya kanala Griboedova, 133A). Each visitor could eat free snacks, drink flavoured coffee, kvass, medovukha. Moreover there was special beauty area where professional stylists, make-up artists and real wizards were working. In addition all guests were able to enjoy installations, fashion show, listen to  A CAPPELLA BAND PLUSFIVE.
The program was insane, in a good sense definitely:) I had just  positive emotions :)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hello cuties :)
Today I am gonna show you small collection of accessorizes that I like to wear in spring. To my mind they look pretty and suit all airy-fairy girls :) xx
Сегодня я решила провести фотосет и показать вам небольшую коллекцию украшений, которые я люблю носить весной. Мне кажется они смотрятся довольно изящно и хорошо дополнят образ мечтательной девушки.